Professional Chef Torch

Professional Chef Torch

Iwatani Corporation of America CB-TC-CJ “PRO PLUS” Professional Chef Torch, Small, Light Gray/Orange Accents

  • Dual gas controls for one hand operation
  • Hold button for continuous operation
  • Easily adjust flame shape, size and strength
  • Stabilizing stand keeps torch upright & stable
  • Super high heat (2700°f/1500°c)
  • Made in Japan

The CB-TC-CJ “pro plus” is Iwatani’s latest and most innovative professional chef’s torch. An upgraded version of the CB-TC pro the “pro plus” has all the features of CB-TC-PRO as well as some additional upgrades. What separates this torch from any other professional chef’s torch on the market is the ability to not have to turn the gas valve on and off after each use. With the “pro plus” you can turn the gas valve on and no gas will be released until you physically pull the trigger. The flame will then go out when the trigger is released. In the event you would like the flame to stay ignited the torch is equipped with a hold button that can be depressed and the flame will stay ignited until the trigger is pulled again releasing the hold. This unique feature makes the “pro plus” completely one hand operational. As a chef you will no longer need to constantly be turning the valve on and off each time you pick up the torch. You can just turn it on once and it will be ready to go any time you need it. The “pro plus” also comes with a stabilizing plate that attaches to the bottom of the butane canister. The plate will keep butane canister stable as the can becomes empty and keep the weight of the torch head from toppling the canister over.

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